welcome to hypercrane

an overview of the industry

HYPER-CRANE & HOIST SYSTEM (M) SDN BHD, was specially formed on the 5th August, 1995 to satisfy a growing demand by the various manufacturing construction and service industries for a professional provider with the full range of fabrication (all kind of materials) and material handling (all range) equipment and maintenance services.

This demand for professionalism in manufacturing construction and service industry arises from the poor quality of services received by these VALUED CUSTOMERS. Although it's a highly competitive industry by nature. The intense competition is brought about the low cost of entry into the industry and seemingly simple business operations but with lucrative neatens. Hence many existing and aspiring entrepreneurs jump into this industry whether they have the experience or otherwise. These are some factors that lead to the poor end result which many corporations face in the past.

core values


Growth & Integrity

Operate in a fiscally sound manner with an emphasis on growth. Unquestioned integrity in every aspect of the business to emphasize the growth.



Strong commitment, persistent and creative pursuits of opportunities. Aggressive, persistent and creative pursuits of opportunities. 


customer & employees

High commitment to always exceed customer expectation. Recognition of the importance of our employees as the main value creator.

Business Sectors/Industry

Under the business sector, we cover units such as an overhead crane, hoist, wire rope, lifter services, and repair etc. This enables HYPER to focus on the need of its customers, be sensitive to their requirements and respond quickly to the changes in the market.     

Recent Business Activities

Currently the company has built up an enviable reputation  for providing Services of high quality and reliability. One of the main factors is the routine services and repair works, usually tied down on a services contract. To cover these breakdown calls, we have our company vehicles and tools to execute these kind of works.     

Human Resources Department

The most Priced asset of Hyper is its dedicated employees. Every employee is given an equal opportunity to develop himself and improve his position and capability. Hands-on training has led to the development of a committed and motivated workforce on enhanced productivity and quality levels.

Culture Of Organisation

Much of the success and growth of HYPER is attributed to its corporate culture And work ethics that evolved over the years. It is a culture, which emphasizes Concern for the people and customer, respect mutual trust and pursuit of Professional Excellence. These are the values, which have to enable HYPER to readjust with the fast-changing business environment and equip it to meet the challenge of the future with confidence.